HiPEAC tutorial

Aftermath Tutorial at HiPEAC 2017

We are happy to announce that we will organize a tutorial on Aftermath at HiPEAC 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. The tutorial will take place on January 24 from 10:00 to 17:30 in Room 21. For up-to-date information, please visit the tutorial page on the HiPEAC website.

Contents and audience

We propose a full-day tutorial, consisting of a morning session focusing on OpenMP program performance analysis with Aftermath and an afternoon session showcasing advanced performance analysis scenarios, in particular on NUMA systems, for OpenMP and OpenStream programs.
Both sessions will include a 30-minute presentation, based on the most recent respective papers [1, 2, 3], followed by a 30-minute live demonstration of key features and performance analysis techniques. The remainder of the time, for each session, will be used for a scenario-driven, hands-on experience of Aftermath.

The targeted audience of this tutorial are application developers seeking for a cross-layer performance analysis tool for parallel languages as well as run-time developers looking for tools for run-time instrumentation and cross-layer performance analysis of run-time optimizations.

Virtual machine image

We will provide a fully functional Virtual Machine image containing all source code and pre-installed Aftermath, an instrumented OpenMP run-time, libaftermath-trace and OpenStream, as well as a set of applications, pre-recorded traces and analysis scenario scripts.

The virtual machine image will be distributed at the tutorial on USB drives. You can also download the image from the web server using the link below: Note that this VM image (Aftermath-HiPEAC17.ova) has been modified specifically for the tutorial and is different from the usual image on the website (OpenStream.ova). However, the instructions to import the image are the same, except for the file name of the image.

If you choose not to download and import the image before the tutorial, please make sure your laptop has a virtualization solution installed that is capable of importing and running virtual machines in the Open Virtualization Format (e.g., Virtualbox).

Looking forward to seeing you at HiPEAC 2017. Don't forget to bring your laptop!